Ground Handling Supervision

We, at Acorn Aviation with our unique team of service specialists with many years of experience, offer full professional Ground Handling Supervision at all International Airports in Sri Lanka. Ground Handling at all local airports are exclusively provided by the sole Ground Handler; SriLankan Airlines and all Foreign Airlines obtain the services of a Ground Services and Supervision Agent to ensure that their aircraft are handled according to their own Standards and Procedures. Our experienced professionals would ensure compliance with the standard operating procedures in passenger handling, ramp and cargo supervision, maintaining close liaison with the sole Ground Handler, Sri Lankan Airlines, to ensure proper execution of formalities to the satisfaction of our Principals of Scheduled, Ad-hoc or Charter flights. Our services encompasses obtaining flight permits and approvals from the Sri Lankan Aviation Authorities, supervising In-flight catering arrangements, procuring hotel accommodation and transport for passengers and crew and assisting with Air Charter Operations are just a few of a wide array of services we provide to our clients. Our services extend to all International Airports in Sri Lanka; Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Ratmalana Airport (RML) and Mattala Rajapakse International Airport (HRI) in Sri Lanka.



Our services include the supervision of the following functions carried out by the Ground Handler

Passenger Supervision Services

Passenger Supervision Services

Servicing arriving passengers including baggage handling

MAAS of Incoming passengers, guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit

Assistance on Lost, Damaged and transfer baggage processes of incoming passengers (if any)

Ensure screening and acceptance of outgoing baggage and passengers to the flights

Coordination of Incoming and outgoing, VIP, unaccompanied minors and special care passenger services,

Liaising with authorities for specially trained personnel for disabled/stretcher/medical passenger handling,

Arranging of Security services to the flights through GHA and Airport Authorities.

Supervision of check-in counters and ensuring compliance with the Airline’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Liaising with Security Authorities to ensure aircraft security

Ramp Supervision Services

Offloading and loading the aircraft (Baggage and Cargo)

Facilitating Ground Power Unit, Air Condition Unit and Aircraft Push-Back Tractor services

Interior cleaning, Toilet, and water services to the aircraft

Passenger and crew transport between aircraft and passenger terminals

Aero bridge services to Aircrafts

Storage and stock control of pallets, containers, and other unit load devices

Disinfecting of Aircraft on arrival

Arrange PCR testing for COVID 19 for arrival Crew and Passengers

Load Control and Communication Supervision Services

Coordination of aircraft servicing units

Preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, manifest, NOTOC)

Load control, weight, and balance calculations

Transmission and reception of all operational messages (passenger manifest, LDM, CPM, UCM)

Flight Operations Supervision Services

Flight permit and airport slot applications

ATC Flight Plan filing and monitoring

Distribution of flight plan to the cabin crew

Coordination with fuel and aircraft catering companies

Preparation of weather forecasts and navigation information and distribution to the cabin crew.

Facilitating Communication between the Airline base and operating crew

Dispatching of aircraft movement messages to required parties

Cargo Airport Supervision

Monitoring all areas of cargo operations i.e. weighing and acceptance of cargo, build-up of cargo, manifesting and preparation of NOTOC and required documents, ramp and loading to flight.

Physical monitoring of the accepted cargo for any damages, packing and labelling, short weight etc., execution of AWB, flight planning, manifesting, and updating of departing cargo on system, pre-alerts for perishable shipments etc.

Maintaining ULD stock and dispatch of related messages, whenever its applicable.

Supervise the breakdown of import cargo and ensure the safe distribution of cargo to importers and ensure recovery action is taken for mishandled cargo

Ground Supervision Administration

Assistance with the required Sri Lanka landing, over-flying, and slot permit approvals

Facilitating the required licenses including the FAOC, Ground Handling and Catering agreements etc

Liaising with Ceylon Petroleum Corporation

Mishandled Baggage Delivery Service

In the event you arrive without your checked baggage, we provide delivery service for mishandled passenger or crew baggage to any destination in Sri Lanka. Our service is available to all International Passengers Airlines flying to Colombo, Bandaranaike International Airport, Hambantota, Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport and Ratmalana, Colombo International Airport.

In-Flight Catering Services

We liaise with Sri Lankan Airlines Catering, to ensure your in-flight meals and beverages supplied depend on cultural tastes and traditions of each region according to your requirements